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Young people are taking better advantage of social tools not because they know more useful things, but because they know fewer useless things.

Cioè i giovani se la cavano meglio perché hanno meno cazzate in testa. Infatti:

I’m old enough to know a lot of things just from life experience.
I know that newspapers are where you get political views and look for jobs.
I know music comes from stores.
I know that complicated things like encyclopedias and software are created by professionals.

In the last fifteen years I’ve had to unlearn every one of those things and a million others, because they have stopped being true.

Così dice Clay Shirky nel suo bel libro, dove ci spiega come

Le rivoluzioni non avvengono quando la società adotta nuove tecnologie, ma quando adotta nuovi comportamenti.

Altre chicche?

Every web page is a latent community.

When we change the way we communicate, we change society.

The professional outlook can become a disadvantage, preventing the professionals from understanding major changes to the structure of their profession.

We are used to a world where little things happen for love and big things happen for money. Love motivates people to bake a cake, money motivates people to make an encyclopedia. Now we can make big things for love.

All businesses are media businesses.

Il libro in una frase:

Sappiamo tutti che il mondo sta cambiando (in fondo non è una novità). La vera novità è che sta cambiando grazie ai nuovi modi di comunicare, che permettono nuovi modi di stare insieme. In loosely structured groups, operating without managerial direction and outside the profit motive.

Una vita più sostenibile, outside the profit motive.

Se lo vedo a Lambrate gli pago una birra, a zio Clay.

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