— oh my marketing!

Stormhoek, Hugh, what’s happening?

I read Gapingvoid everyday.

I am a fan of Hugh MacLeod’s global microbrand (here, revisited here) Stormhoek, the wine maker that’s gone from 0 to 200,000 cases of wine sold, thanks to the incredible marketing thinking of the Hughtrain (last example? the bottle that’s placed on the supermarket shelf with the back label in front).

And now.

The company who holds the rights for the brand in UK (Orbital wines) has ceased to operate in December.

Stormhoek has made a call for innovative thinking in their blog.

Hugh hasn’t said a word yet.

I loved hearing them say “we view this as an opportunity for reinvention” but then?…

I’m alarmed, and a bit sad, for all bloggers love Stormhoek, and I am no exception.